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Covalence (n) : characterized by the sharing of electrons in a chemical compound; i.e. the sharing of wavelengths, interesting conversation, randomness or just a drink to forge new friendships, partnerships or even just casual acquaintances.

Need a new gang of derps and derpettes to hang out with or just someone who gets your 'Yo mama' jokes? Covalence events will give you just that. Come party in our beaker! We ensure our atoms are stable and the ratio of electrons and protons is equal. If you don't get the chemistry just come and have a good time.


Covalence will host an event at an undisclosed location once every month and we'll have something for you to do besides mingle! What? Oh where's your sense of adventure! Entry will be by invitation, you'll get a prior confirmation and there will be a guest list at the door.

We don't let you bring a plus one (Yes honey! we'll pop your 'you went by yourself?' cherry!) can bring your blankee if your shy, but you're here to find NEW company right?? So register on our website (hopefully you just did that! Yay!).

We will screen your application based on how awesome you are get back to you individually via email, prior to the next event. We strictly maintain a one to one ratio of girls and boys.


Currently Only in Mumbai. Coming soon to Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and other major metros.

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Neha - 9820412511

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